oberonsoasis (oberonsoasis) wrote,

Permanent Wants List

Wantlist for my Pokemon collection:

*If any of these are your images and you want them to be credited or removed, please let me know!

*** = highest priority wants at this time!

Pokedoll Can Badges and Pins***

These are my main collection and I only need a few more! Will pay/trade well for these!

Pokedoll Badges.jpg

(Photo credits: Gengar-snowball21, Clefairy/Larvitar/set w/orange packaging-miss_fuu_chan)

Pokedoll Charms


CELEBI POKEDOLL CHARM is my absolute grail! I included Espeon and Mew because they came as a set, but I'd be over the moon just with Celebi!

Against my better judgment, I'd like to collect more Pokedoll charms. My other grail besides Celebi is Togepi***, but I'm also looking for the following, roughly in priority order--especially the Hoenn weather trio*** and starter evolutions.

(Photo credits: Celebi, Mew, Wailmer set -godudette, Espeon -littlezorua, Weather trio -shibahara, Phanpy, Cyndaquil -skdarkdragon, Houndour set -chespin, Salamence set -magmanerd, Umbreon set -moonlightpkmn)


Christmas Turtwig
Secret Base Lapras (US version)***
Squirtle 10th Anniversary

Pokedoll merchandise

Pokedoll Merchandise.jpg

Celebi ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil***
Hoenn starters magnets***
Jirachi magnet***
Pokedoll Mugs (Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Piplup--any!)
Various Pokedoll tins***
Buizel keychain
Turtwig bouncy ball
Turtwig coin purse
Turtwig lanyard
Turtwig mechanical pencil

Or? I might be interested in other Pokedoll merch--generally, older items and things with Celebi, Marill, Azurill, Turtwig, and Togepi

(Photo credits: Turtwig purse/lanyard/pen-poliwhirl, Bulbasaur mug-rocket_chick, magnets-killmeneko, plushplush tin -sugar0coated)

Other wants:

Hasbro Shiny Chikorita Figure

Pokemon Center Can Badges

Manhattan Toy Co. Plush
Pastel pink Flip Frog beanbag ***This is a major grail!

I also collect the turtles and only have a green one (pic coming soon)--please let me know if you have any to sell!

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